Zen Caves

Introducing Zen Caves

Create a space to get centered and be at peace. Serenity awaits as you relax and look within in your customized Zen Cave.

Yoga, pilates, meditation, aikido, tai chi, qigong...whatever your passion...Zen Caves is for you. Designed for those who enjoy their CALM or have a practice that helps them stay healthy and centered. A dedicated heated and cooled space to enjoy your practice alone or with a few friends in the convenience of your backyard. Your awaiting Zen Cave is 150 sq. ft. and can be designed to serve as a backyard studio or dojo with storage benches or as a private workout and meditation space. Either way, it will fit like a glove into your backyard retreat. Some people like the Zen Caves because of the natural light and skylights, while others prefer the spacious, open floor space.

Totally Customizable - HOA friendly - Turnkey - Hassle Free