Some of our frequently asked questions

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It depends on the size, options and the local building codes and regulations. Many jurisdictions, (your city, county, township, etc…) do not require a building permit for spaces under 200 ft2, however these same jurisdictions probably require zoning and electrical permits.

The Choza team and our Certified Choza Installation Teams, who are licensed contractors, will assist you in obtaining all required permits.

The standard size is 15x10. The choza is 15 ft across the front and back and 10 ft on the sides. It is 150 ft2.

It depends. It depends on your design and decorating choices. It depends on your jurisdiction and HOA rules and regulations. It depends on access to your site. Base price for a Choza, with a finished interior, electricity, heat and air conditioning is $19995.

This standard base price is about $133/ft2 which is much less than the cost of a comparable home addition.

Choza believes in personalized service. Your Choza is an extension of your home. It is your extended den in your backyard. It will be your oasis. You want it perfect, we want it better than that for you.

The Choza team will visit you to understand your interests, tastes and needs and review your site and any HOA limitations. The team will coordinate with our Choza Certified Installation Teams to get final reviews for foundation and permitting work and property setbacks. You will then receive a final quote at which time you can place the order.

Once the deposit is received the inhouse team may reach out to you to answer any questions and communicate the production schedule and estimated delivery date for your Choza. You will be kept abreast of production progress and your delivery date.

50% initial deposit payment is required at the time of order. 30% is required one week before the estimated ship date and the final 20% balance is due at significant completion at install location.

Many customers use a home equity line of credit to finance their Choza.

All Chozas come with a finished interior and electricity. Your Choza includes an electrical package with an electrical connection, fixtures, switches and outlets. Electrical hookup to your home’s power, which requires a permit for the required trenching and connection, is handled by Choza and its Certified Choza Installation Teams.

Choza and the Certified Choza Installation Teams will assist you in all required permitting for your install site location. The Certified Choza Installation Team will deliver the Choza and immediately begin install. Installation usually takes 1 ½ - 2 days. When the team turns your Choza over to you, all you have to do is walk in, turn on the heat or the A/C and begin to make great memories.

There are multiple foundation options that work well for Chozas. The Choza Team will review your property and install site location to determine the best foundation to fit your needs. All Chozas come with a standard supported joisted floor system. The Certified Choza Installation Team can assist in providing a foundation ranging from dock blocks to poured concrete slabs or concrete piers.

All Chozas are modular. All modules are built in our factory. The interior and exterior skins are installed on your Choza at the install site after it is put together. We use a clean, modern, manufacturing space to insure high quality, maximum team safety and minimum wasted materials to create a Choza that fits your needs, installs easily and efficiently and provides you years of great memories.

All Chozas have a 1-year warranty that covers workmanship and material defects. There are additional manufacturers’ warranties that may apply to various components including doors, windows and roofing.

Yes. Depending on your interests, design tastes, needs and budget, we can provide you a completely finished and furnished Choza.

Your Choza comes with the exterior siding of your choice. Some siding choices are special order and take a little more time but we are certain that you find the wait well worth it.

We have relationships with landscaping design-build firms that can create an exterior environment, plants, design, patio, deck or kitchen that meets your family’s backyard entertainment and relaxation needs.