About Us

...what we wanted…

We wanted something unique. Something that reflected our tastes. We wanted something that was comfortable - a place to relax and enjoy - right in our backyard oasis...and we DID NOT want a DIY. So where’d that leave us…

Our choices were to buy an ugly, plastic shed from a Big Box store and make do, order a nicer DIY kit from a national shed firm, or call a contractor and an interior decorator. None of these choices were close to turnkey and all involved long hours of decision making, assembly print interpretation and frustration. We either had to do, manage or coordinate the project to get close to what we wanted.

We created Choza to keep you from having to live through these arduous, painstaking, time consuming process. Not only do we save you time and money, we give you a luxurious space that you, your family and friends can enjoy for years to come.

Oh, yeah…almost forgot…how’d we select the name? Why Choza? Well, Choza has different meanings, depending on the language. In Spanish, it means hut or shed and in Japanese, it is a type of stretching.

We want our team to stretch and grow and we challenge the entire Choza Crew to continuously get better at bringing you the personalized relaxation space of your dreams…that you won’t lose sleep over planning, building, fussing, anticipating, waiting and coordinating…

Art Espey – Hi, I’m the founder of Choza. I’m a cat guy and lead our customer service efforts. My time leading Marines, navigating cargo ships, managing manufacturing facilities, nonprofits and businesses has prepared me for leading this great Choza Crew in delivering a personal relaxation space, your Choza that you can be proud of.

Jonathan Kuhn – Hi…I’m the head of engineering and technology of Choza. I’m a dog guy and during my long walks I can’t help but think about my passion for innovation, efficiency, engineering and solar energy and how that all comes together in creating a personal relaxation space that you never want to leave.

Your Personal Relaxation Space

Time to engineer and design The Choza System (14 months)
Time to design your Choza (90 minutes)
Time to build & deliver after order (4-12 weeks)
Time to enjoy your Choza (A lifetime)